Climate Change induced beach erosion


Beach profile changes are subjected to various parameters such as tides, currents and wave effect. This study investigates the beach profile changes at Teluk Gorek Beach, Mersing and to evaluate the effect of soil density on beach sediment. A total of seven beach profile cross- sections with offset of 20 m apart were established to monitor the presence of erosion and accretion. The monitoring work was done on January and March 2016 during spring tide. The estimation of erosion and accretion were performed by comparing the profile obtained on January and March. The result shows that the beach profiles have experienced both erosion and accretion during the period of study. The soil density change varies to the erosion and accretion process. As a conclusion, the beach is slightly changes during the period of study. The density increase for erosion process while decrease when accretion takes place.




Gunung Pulai in the eyes of the world

Campbell Scientific had published our work in Gunung Pulai in December 2016 newsletter. We have been using their equipment supplied by SureChem  (Malaysia). Rain gauge and water level transmitter have been used as part of our integrated  Early … [Continue reading]

The power of habit

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Protected: Quiz Advance Foundation Engineering Dec 2016

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Lecture notes: MKAJ1033/SKAA4713 Advance Foundation- Problematic Soils

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Gunung Pulai Official Re-Opening

KULAI: The Gunung Pulai Forest Reserve, which was closed down some 15 years ago following a tragedy that saw the loss of five lives, has finally reopened to the public with an early warning system installed for the safety of visitors. Johor … [Continue reading]

Consultation: Underprivillage Community Water Supply

After a few visit to site and geophysic testing on the Site on last Jun 2016. The consultation and research team members have decided to choose Vertical Tube Well as to increase the quality and quantity of Orang Asli Kg. Air Pasir Kluang water … [Continue reading]

Early Warning System – Gunung Pulai TV 1, RTM

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Bengkel Pengurusan Jenazah

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Consultation: Installation of Early Warning System for mud flow landslides at Gunung Pulai

Alhamdulillah the Early Warning System has been installed. Currently two stations consist of rain gauge and water level to record and collect the data. Both station controlled by a control box that monitor the rainfall and water level increment. If … [Continue reading]