Career Summary

FACTS AND FIGURES ABOUT ME (since 11 July 1987 till 11 July 2014)

I have been working at Department of Structures and Material, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM since 11 July 1987 as a Assistant Lecturer ‘A’. I got my Master Degree from Bradford University, UK in 1990 and was appointed as a Lecturer on 30th Nov. 1990. In 2005, I was promoted to Senior Lecturer. I started my PhD in 2006 by part-time mode and completed after 3 years 8 months. My specialist is Structural Analysis and Engineering Software Application. Till now, I have been working at UTM for more than 26 years and gained a lot of experience in teaching, research, publication, consultation works, professional services, administrative works and public affairs. My teaching experiences were translated into My Teaching Portfolio which can be seen in the website. I would consider myself as a competent staf and it was proved through PTK3 and PTK5 that were attended previously and attained band 4 for all components. My e-PPPs were rated good by the students as the scores for every semester were higher than the faculty’s and university’s scores. In addition to that, my e-LPPT scores were excellent for all years since 1987. In short, I received many awards especially in teaching, publications and services. For your information, currently my position is Academic Manager of Undergraduate Program. To me, this post is a big task and very challenging to ensure everything related to UG is in-place. ISO:9001 2008 and EAC-BEM accreditation are two important events at my faculty that I involve directly. The following is a summary on facts and figures about me.

Teaching of undergraduate : Mechanics – Statics, Land Surveying (field), Amali Makmal Jentera, Technical Drawing, Structure Lab, Strength of Materials, Applied Mechanics, Concrete Lab, Mechanics – Statics (architect), Finite Element Method, Theory of Structures 1, Theory of Structures II, Structural Analysis, Survey Camp, Strength of Materials and Structures

Teaching of postgraduate : Finite Element Method, Bridge Engineering, Advanced Structural Analysis

Visit for student industrial training : Total no. of students that have been supervised = 354 (Kuala Lumpur, N.Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Selangor, P.Jaya, Kajang, Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan)

Supervision of final year projects (undergraduate) : Total no. of students that have been supervised = 63

Supervision of final year projects (postgraduate taught course) : No. of students that have been supervised = 7

Supervision of research projects (MPhil) : No. of students that have been supervised = 2

Supervision of research projects (PhD) : No. of students that have been supervised = 5 (ongoing)

Research grant : No. of research grant (IRPA, UPP, FRGS, IRGS, GUP, NAS)  = 19, No. of appointed research leader = 10

Publications : Journal and conference papers = 35, Original book = 5, Translated book = 3, Adaptation book = 4, Standards = 3, Monograf = 4, Book Chapter = 2, Technical Report = 19, Guidelines = 2, Teaching modules = 20, Teaching portfolio = 1, EST = 5

Consultation works (under UTM) : No. of projects = 35

Invited Speaker = 1

Patent : No. of patent (pending) = 2

Professional services : Evaluation panel members for postgraduate projects = 62, Editor or Reviewer = 53

Committee involvement : No. of committte involved = 110

Professional member : No. of professional body involved = 5

Awards : No. of awards (teaching, book, services, etc) = 28

Short Courses and wokshop conducted : 37

Courses attended : No. of courses attended = 131

Administrative works : Experience = Academic advisor, Course coodinator, Fellow, Head of Panel, Head of Laboratory, Internal auditor, Chairman, Academic Manager of UG.

Public affairs : Treasurer, Secretary (Surau), Design project of mosque = 4, Others = 3 projects