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A.R. Zainal Abidin, B.A. Izzuddin & F. Lancaster (2017). A meshfree unit-cell method for effective planar analysis of cellular beams. Computers & Structures, 182, 368-391.
ISSN 0045-7949,

Highlights : ► Novel method for planar analysis of cellular beams, as a precursor to accurate local buckling analysis of web components. ► Proposal of a unit-cell approach, taking advantage of identical cells along beam. ► Adoption and enhancement of Element Free Galerkin method for application around irregular plates with openings. ► Development of novel unit-cell super-element formulation utilising flexibility concepts. ► Realisation of considerable modelling and computational benefits, paving the way for direct application in design.


Drahman, S. H., Kueh, A. B. H., & Abidin, A. R. Z. (2015). Low-Velocity Impact of Composite Sandwich Plate with Facesheet Indentation Description. Jurnal Teknologi, 77 (16).

Abstract : ► Composite sandwich structures are applied in many engineering fields due to their high strength and stiffness but lightweight properties. There are currently not many studies that simultaneously consider both indentation and strain failure in the composite sandwich plate especially in presence of impact loading. Such knowledge is necessary to determine the facesheet strain after impact in order to find out whether the facesheet is totally failed as a result of indentation deformation. Hence, the purpose of this study is to model …


Zainal Abidin, A. R. & Izzuddin, B. A. (2012) Meshless local buckling analysis of steel beams with irregular web openings. Engineering Structures, 50 (special issue), 197-206.

Highlights : ► Local buckling analysis via uncoupled planar/out-of-plane response and shifted local region. ► Formulation of unit cell response and discrete assembly for overall system response. ► Element Free Galerkin method and Rotational Spring Analogy for material and geometric stiffness. ► Buckling prediction in shifted region via reduced rank 2 iterative eigenvalue analysis. ► Favourable comparison against nonlinear FEA for several typical examples of perforated beams.