MATLAB Lecture Note 04 — shared with Mr. Rosli Anang

This is an additional note on mathematical operations of vectors & matrices  — for programming class students — prepared by Mr. Rosli Anang UTM.

  • Simple calculation can be done interactively in Command Window.
  • But in many cases many steps are required before getting final result, and a better way is first to create a file with a list of commands, save it and then run(execute) the file.
  • This is called computer programs; in MATLAB this file is called scripts.
  • also known as m-files because the extension .m is used when they are saved.



matlab-script-file-1 matlab-script-file-2 matlab-script-file-3 matlab-script-file-4 matlab-script-file-5 matlab-script-file-6 matlab-script-file-7 matlab-script-file-8 matlab-script-file-9 matlab-script-file-10 matlab-script-file-11 matlab-script-file-12 matlab-script-file-13 matlab-script-file-14 matlab-script-file-15 matlab-script-file-16 matlab-script-file-17 matlab-script-file-18 matlab-script-file-19 matlab-script-file-20 matlab-script-file-21 matlab-script-file-22 matlab-script-file-23 matlab-script-file-24 matlab-script-file-25 matlab-script-file-26 matlab-script-file-27 matlab-script-file-28 matlab-script-file-29 matlab-script-file-30 matlab-script-file-31 matlab-script-file-32 matlab-script-file-33 matlab-script-file-34 matlab-script-file-35 matlab-script-file-36 matlab-script-file-37 matlab-script-file-38 matlab-script-file-39 matlab-script-file-40 matlab-script-file-41 matlab-script-file-42 matlab-script-file-43 matlab-script-file-44 matlab-script-file-45 matlab-script-file-46 matlab-script-file-47 matlab-script-file-48 matlab-script-file-49 matlab-script-file-50 matlab-script-file-51 matlab-script-file-52 matlab-script-file-53 matlab-script-file-54 matlab-script-file-55 matlab-script-file-56 matlab-script-file-57

Low-Velocity Impact of Composite Sandwich Plate with Facesheet Indentation Description

Drahman, S. H., Kueh, A. B. H., & Abidin, A. R. Z. (2015). Low-Velocity Impact of Composite Sandwich Plate with Facesheet Indentation Description. Jurnal Teknologi, 77 (16).

Abstract : ► Composite sandwich structures are applied in many engineering fields due to their high strength and stiffness but lightweight properties. There are currently not many studies that simultaneously consider both indentation and strain failure in the composite sandwich plate especially in presence of impact loading. Such knowledge is necessary to determine the facesheet strain after impact in order to find out whether the facesheet is totally failed as a result of indentation deformation. Hence, the purpose of this study is to model …

Using MATLAB for solving ODEs

I found this interesting article on how to solve ODE using MATLAB:
Solving ODEs in MATLAB


Problem definition

Suppose we wish to solve the system of equations dydx=f(x,y), with conditions applied at two different points x=a and x=b.

More commonly, problems of this sort will be written as a higher-order (that is, a second-order) ODE with derivative boundary conditions. We can reduce any such equation to a system of first-order equations, however, so we only need to consider how to solve systems of first-order equations.

Such problems are known as ‘Boundary Value Problems’ (BVPs).

For a system to be well defined, there should be as many conditions as there are first-order equations. For example, to solve two second-order ODEs you would need four conditions, as this system would equate to one with four first-order ODEs.

Matlab commands

Suppose we wish to solve the system of n equations, dydx=f(x,y), with conditions applied at two different points x=a and x=b.

In order to use the inbuilt MATLAB ODE solvers, you need to follow the steps below:

read more..