About Me


I started my carrier as an academician in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) since September 2005 as a tutor of IT Unit in Faculty of Civil Engineering. I used this opportunity to really get involved with the academic culture in UTM, at the same time strengthened my knowledge where possible. Later in 2008, I was very glad to be appointed as a lecturer of UTM after completing my Master’s degree in Mac 2008. At this stage, I had more chances to contribute to the development of students and university, especially in teaching and supervision of IT-related subjects. I certainly enjoy this profession on the basis that I can be part of those who are continuously contributing to knowledge and exploring new things, particularly in the field of Civil Engineering IT application. I strongly believe that there are more enjoyable things to do and to be explored throughout my career as an academician.

Talking about my educational background, my Bachelor Degree was awarded in 2005 by UTM, with regard to Civil Engineering study programme (with major in construction management). As far as research experiences are concerned, my final year project was related to the development of an efficient system for appointing contractors, making used of a well-established approach known as Desicion Support System (DSS). The study was basically to improve the current traditional government scheme towards ‘so-called’ an IT-applied system. In 2006, I moved forward to Master’s Degree study in Civil Engineering, also concentrating on IT-related construction management field, at the same university. This time, my Master’s research project involved more interesting tasks, implementing a manufacturing skill to simulate house productions under a new construction technology known as Industrialised Building System (IBS). It is a component-based construction where each building component (such as wall, beam, column, slab, etc.) is manufactured and assembled individually, leading to a manufacturing-like production as opposed to the traditional cast-in-situ construction. The aim of my research study was to establish the most efficient method of completing the IBS construction.

In fact, the most remarkable achievement of me, as far as academic qualifications are concerned, is the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from Imperial College London, which was obtained in 2013. My research work is concerned with the implementation of detailed nonlinear finite element analysis (NFEA), and also included, the new promising approach of meshless methods considering high-level computational mechanics. The final aim was to establish an efficient approach particularly in dealing with buckling assessment of steel beams with multiple web openings. In developing this model, several simplifications (e.g. the use of super-elements analysis and rotational spring analogy (RSA) for simplified buckling analysis) were wisely integrated so as to reduce the complexity of the formulation. In the end, an efficient method that balances the need for accuracy, computational efficiency and also practical applicability was developed. I am very pleased to be supervised by a very prominent supervisor in computational mechanics, Professor Bassam Izzuddin, who is a very dedicating and humble person yet very powerful intellectual in this field.