I am a Professor of Geotechnical Engineering in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM. Currently I am the Head of Soft Soil Engineering Research Group (SSRG), Innovative Engineering Research Alliance and also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Tropical Geo-Engineering (Geotropik), ISIIC, UTM.

I started my career in UTM as an Assistant Lecturer ‘A’ in 1983, then  promoted to Associate Professor (DS54) in 1999, while to full Professor (VK07) in 2008.  My main research is in the field of Soft Soil Engineering which include soil characterisation, soil improvement, tunneling through soft soil, etc. Other research area includes Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Geothermal Energy Pile, Disaster Risk Management and many more. To date, I have more than 200 publications in the forms of journals, conference proceedings, books and research reports.

Thank you.