Dr. A.S.M. Abdul Awal is currently working as an international academic staff in the Department of Structure and Materials, Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Prior to joining UTM, he was a Professor in the Department of Farm Structure and Environmental Engineering, Bangladesh Agricultural University at Mymensingh. Professor Abdul Awal has over thirty years of teaching and research experience in the area of cement and concrete technology. He is the pioneer researcher in utilizing palm oil fuel ash (POFA) in producing high performance concrete, and in recent past he has introduced the concept of high volume POFA in green concrete construction. Apart from teaching and research, he is also well known for his interest and commitment to collaborate R & D activities for the betterment of local and global community.

Dr. Abdul Awal has published about hundred technical papers in various peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings in his area of research interest that includes innovative construction materials, chemical and mineral admixtures and concrete durability. Dr Abdul Awal is a Life Fellow of The Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB), and member of The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) and Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (mSET).